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DEADLY FIRE AND CARBON MONOXIDE HAZARDS WITH WINTER HOME HEATING: As families look for ways to save money in these tough economic times, the concern over additional fire deaths and carbon monoxide poisonings from alternative heating sources is heightened. The U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is urging consumers to keep safety in mind when it comes to heating their homes this winter.
NINTENDO 3DS: NOT FOR KIDS: The Nintendo 3DS should not be used by kids under the age of 6.


TOP 10 SECURITY SNAFUS OF 2010: Google, Cisco, McAfee, and the U.S. government all grab negative security headlines for the year's dubious honors.
MOZILLA SITE EXPOSED ENCRYPTED PASSWORDS: A Mozilla database was exposed to the Internet, the Mozilla Foundation disclosed.
NEW ANDROID MALWARE COULD PRODUCE CHINESE BOTNET, HARVEST PERSONAL DATA: Security experts are warning that newly discovered malware targeting Chinese users of Google's Android mobile operating system has "botnet-like capabilities" that could take control of an Android phone by communicating with a central command-and-control server.
FACEBOOK SCARE TACTICS KNOCKED BY SECURITY PRO: Security warnings are misleading, even if they're well-intentioned.


FIND MISSING MANUALS FOR PCS, PRINTERS, AND MORE: With a library of more than 100,000 downloadable instruction guides for all manner of electronics, Retrevo is a great place to start your search.


GNUCASH 2.4.0 ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE RELEASED: Besides gaming being one of the last strongholds for Microsoft Windows users from switching over to Linux (though this is beginning to change), accounting software is an area that is even in worse shape under Linux -- free software or not -- aside from the available web-based accounting solutions. GnuCash...


MALWARE TARGETS WORD: Microsoft is warning that hackers are exploiting a Word flaw to attack systems.
WINDOWS 7 FAMILY PACK SALES TO CEASE: Amazon confirms sales of Microsoft's three-license Windows 7 Family Pack will end by December 31.
INSTALL OFFICE 2010 OVER OFFICE 2007: Boghound asked if he could install Office 2010 over Office 2007 and retain settings ...
REPORTS: MICROSOFT SET TO ANNOUNCE TABLET VERSION OF WINDOWS: Rumors swirl around Microsoft preparing a tablet version of Windows for the CES show ...
SPEED UP A 'SLOWLY DETERIORATING' PC: All systems get slower over time. Want to go back in time, to make your PC run like it did when it was new? There's really only one solution.
FIX A PC THAT WAKES UP 'GROGGY' FROM SLEEP MODE: Sleep Mode is notorious for wreaking havoc on PCs. For this user's particular problem, I have two recommendations.
WEBROOT INTERNET SECURITY ESSENTIALS 2011: Webroot Internet Security Essentials 2011 has plenty of extras, but falls short at keeping your PC safe.
MCAFEE INTERNET SECURITY 2011: McAfee Internet Security 2011 put up fairly mediocre scores in malware detection tests, though it can be had at a reasonable price.
F-SECURE INTERNET SECURITY 2011: F-Secure Internet Security was reasonably successful at blocking threats and is easy to use, but it scans slowly.
BATTLE OF THE SECURITY SUPERPOWERS: We tested the 10 top security packages to see which ones can protect your data without overburdening your PC. Here are the exclusive rankings from the PCWorld Labs.
MAKE YOUR INTERNET EXPLORER FAVORITES BAR SHOW FULL TITLES: Don’t like those abbreviated labels in IE’s Favorites toolbar? There’s an easy (but well-hidden) way to expand them.


APPLE PARTNERS WITH CHEROKEE TRIBE TO DIGITALLY PRESERVE THE LANGUAGE: Apple has partnered with a Native American tribe to develop Cherokee language software for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, in an effort to ensure the language is not forgotten.
FIND PHOTOS THAT IMAGE CAPTURE LOST: Most of us import photos from our digital cameras directly into iPhoto (or some other photo editor) on our Macs. But some people prefer to use Image Capture...
APPLE I GOES FOR $213K IN CHRISTIE'S AUCTION: Christie's auction house in London today sold an Apple-1 computer for $213,600 to an unidentified bidder.
DROPBOX 1.0.10: One of the most popular bits of code around the Macworld offices is Dropbox. We’ve made videos about it, we’ve written about how to get more out of it, we’ve...
APPLE'S IPAD FINDS A PLACE IN THE ENTERPRISE: Apple's iPad is easily the IT product of the year -- it's reshaped the computing landscape for consumers and opened new opportunities for media companies hoping...
APPLE NO LONGER FLYING UNDER THE SECURITY RADAR: Apple fans have enjoyed a false sense of security, but Apple platforms and devices are increasingly a ripe target for attack.
APP STORE UPDATES NOW PROPAGATING AS HOLIDAY SHUTDOWN ENDS: Following the holiday shutdown that saw updates to the App Store and developer access to iTunes Connect temporarily halted in order to provide Apple employees with some time off, things are up and running again, with access to iTunes Connect ...


GET YOUR OWN VIRTUAL DESKTOP WITH THE ALWAYSONPC APP: This powerful app lets you control a cloud-based desktop PC running Fedora Linux with 2GB of storage, the OpenOffice Suite, Firefox, Dropbox, and many other open-source programs.
12 COMMANDS EVERY LINUX NEWBIE SHOULD LEARN: Still scared of the command line? Don’t be. These commands are a quicker and easier way to get things done in Linux.
21 MORE NOTABLE FREE LINUX GAMES (PART 3 OF 3): "This article is the third and final part in this series. If you missed the first two parts, they are available to read here: Part 1, Part 2. We have again tried to cover a wide range of game genres. Hopefully there will be something in this article which will be of interest to any type of gamer."
8 MORE BASH TIPS FOR WORKING FASTER WITH THE SHELL (PART 2 OF 2): "This is the second article in this series, and brings eight additional tips for working faster with the shell. Here is the first article of the series, containing 10 tips."
A GUIDE TO WINE ON UBUNTU FOR BEGINNERS: "This guide is divided in four parts, so that you can jump to whichever you want using the links below:"
DYSART UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT SAVES MORE THAN $100,000 BY SWITCHING COMPUTER OPERATING SYSTEMS: In a little-known approach to saving money, the Dysart Unified School District has switched about 3,000 of its computers from the Microsoft Windows operating system to Linux.
LINUX-BASED NAS SUPPORTS 45TB OF STORAGE: Synology announced a high-end model in its line of NAS (network attached storage) devices targeting small- and medium-sized business. The DS1511+ has a 1.86GHz dual-core processor, room for up to five hard disk drives and 15TB of storage, two gigabit Ethernet ports, and compatibility with two external storage units, according...
PUTIN ORDERS RUSSIAN GOV'T TO MOVE TO OPEN SOURCE: Russia's prime minister orders government agencies to move to open-source software by 2015.
THE NEWLY UPDATED 1994-2010 LINUX JOURNAL ARCHIVE IS HERE!: In easy-to-use HTML format, the fully searchable, space saving DVD offers immediate access to an essential resource for the Linux enthusiast: Linux Journal. The archive includes all 200 issues of Linux Journal, from the premiere issue in March 1994 thru December 2010.


HOW TO DEAL WITH A NEW BOSS: Even in the best situations, meeting a new boss can be a bit like going on a blind date -- an uneasy mix of anticipation and anxiety. But what if your boss doesn't know what he or she is doing or is just plain bossy?


CLOUD COMPUTING: A type of computing, comparable to grid computing that relies on sharing computing resources rather than having local servers or personal devices to handle applications. The goal of cloud computing is to apply traditional supercomputing, or high-performance computing power, normally used by military and research facilities, to perform tens of trillions of computations per second, in consumer-oriented applications such as financial portfolios or even to deliver personalized information, or power immersive computer games.


8 ADVANCED OPENOFFICE.ORG ADD-ONS: "OpenOffice is the best cross-platform office productivity suite, but it misses a few popular features like a clipart gallery, Google Docs integration, PDF import, and more than basic templates. But they're out there if you know where to look, and Eric Geier shows the way."


CAN YOU REALLY CREATE YOUR OWN LUCK USING AFFIRMATIONS?: Have you ever come across people who seem to be lucky in just about every situation and circumstance? They find a good parking space when not even bad ones are available. They just happen to find a $50 bill on the pavement. By some uncanny coincidence, they meet the right people at just the right time. They land their dream jobs. They triumph over misfortune. They get the girl (or guy) in the end -just like in movies with happy endings.


CATS DANCE WITHOUT MUSIC: These guys should have their own dancing show!
HOW DO I HAVE 2 FEEL?: A funny and inspirational video.


TIPS FOR TROUBLE-FREE TECH PRODUCT RETURNS: Here are some tips about how to reduce the hassle when you need to return a tech product that you don't want to keep.
IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE: HYPERTHERMOPHILES: Google, Cisco, McAfee, and the U.S. government all grab negative security headlines for the year's dubious honors.
FIND MISSING MANUALS FOR PCS, PRINTERS, AND MORE: With a library of more than 100,000 downloadable instruction guides for all manner of electronics, Retrevo is a great place to start your search.
UPGRADE OR BUY NEW? FIND THE DESKTOP PC THAT'S RIGHT FOR YOU: Here's how to improve an old desktop or buy a new one that meets your needs -- without breaking the bank.
GMAIL BACKUP: SAVE YOUR E-MAIL FOR FREE: This useful attempt at a Gmail backup program is under-supported and feature-light.
NEXT FLASH PLAYER TO BE TEN TIMES MORE EFFICIENT: Adobe's John Nack has demonstrated how the next version of Flash Player will see a tenfold reduction in CPU usage.
GET A HUGE WINDOWS SOFTWARE BUNDLE FOR $19: This amazing deal (valued at $255) includes Plants Vs. Zombies, WinX DVD Ripper Platinum, a PlayOn subscription, and a lot more. Plus, your purchase helps an important charity!
THE WEB'S BEST PRODUCTIVITY SITES: From Gmail to Xmarks to Wolfram Alpha, here are the 20 best sites and services for getting work done, keeping your schedule in order, finding useful information, and more.
THE WEB'S BEST ENTERTAINMENT SITES: Looking to enjoy video, music, and photos on the Web? Want to stay on top of your social connections? Keep these 13 sites and services--including Netflix, Facebook, and Tumblr--on your must-visit list.
THE WEB'S BEST TRAVEL, SHOPPING, AND DINING SITES: Whether you need to arrange a flight, find bargains, or make a restaurant reservation, these 13 sites--from Kayak to Craigslist to OpenTable--will make it easy.
A NIMBLE WAY TO MANAGE YOUR ONLINE SOCIAL LIFE: Analysis: Drowning in tweets, updates, comments, e-mails, and the like? Me, too -- but "Social CRM tool" Nimble may help.
GET YOUR OWN VIRTUAL DESKTOP WITH THE ALWAYSONPC APP: This powerful app lets you control a cloud-based desktop PC running Fedora Linux with 2GB of storage, the OpenOffice Suite, Firefox, Dropbox, and many other open-source programs.
COULD MALWARE RENDER YOUR PC UNBOOTABLE?: A lot of people see a PC that won't boot, and assume that it's infected. That's the least likely cause.
EASY WAYS TO PRESERVE YOUR HOLIDAY PHOTOS: Make sure you never lose your photo collection due to a computer failure.
PC REPAIR RIP-OFFS: DON'T GET GOUGED BY FIX-IT SERVICES: When your PC needs a tune-up, upgrade, or overhaul, don't fall prey to the tech shop's worst deals. Here's the truth about computer repair services.
AMAZON PATENT AIMS TO END THE NEED FOR REGIFTING: The system allows Amazon members to create a sort of blacklist of gifts that they can return before it's sent.
ORACLE EXTENDS OPEN SOURCE VIRTUALBOX 4.0: "And guess what? The core product remains licensed under the GPLv2 - but wait there is a catch."
15 MODERN CONVENIENCES THAT ARE BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH: Many inventions and ideas of the last century had some potential to be useful, but actually will have negative consequences to our bodies or the environment. Learn about the detriments of everyday items.
MAKE YOUR OWN FLASH CODE WITH WONDERFL: Play with Flash animations or build your own with this awesome site.

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