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Weekly News (2011-01-15)

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One of the greatest tragedies is the loss of a child. Last week, during the assassination attempt on Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, a nine-year old girl lost her life. Christina Taylor Green was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Sadly, we cannot bring her back. But we can do two things for the sake of all of us: first, let's remember her and her family in our thoughts and prayers; second, let us all work toward ending violence anywhere we see it. Whether it is in the playground, in sporting events, or in battle fields, we must unite to end violence in our world. When we unite to end violence we will save many more innocent lives. ~Victor


HAIR DRYER SAFETY: Hand-held hair dryers are so compact and easy to use, you might not give a second thought to where you use or store them.
IS YOUR DRYWALL MAKING YOU SICK?: The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced Monday that it's been unsuccessful in persuading Chinese makers of defective drywall to compensate American homeowners. What types of problems have Chinese drywall caused?


6 CRITICAL CYBERSECURITY CHALLENGES FACING THE ELECTRICAL GRID: As the country's electricity grid undergoes a transformation and moves toward a more intelligently networked, automated system, it faces an increasing amount of cybersecurity issues.
PARENTAL CONTROL PROGRAMS PERFORM POORLY WITH WEB 2.0 SITES: A survey by the European Commission has found that parental control programs aimed at keeping children safe online do not function well with Web 2.0 content.
'PATRIOT ACT' PHISHING E-MAILS RESURFACE, FDIC WARNS: Scammers are trying to steal banking information using fake e-mails that look like they've come from the U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the FDIC...


SUDOKU: Enjoy a free online Sudoku game today!


10 SYSINTERNALS TOOLS YOU SHOULDN'T BE WITHOUT: The Sysinternals utilities offer a powerful, convenient way to knock out all kinds of Windows tasks.


FREE AND EASY BASIC IMAGE EDITING WITH WINDOWS LIVE PHOTO GALLERY: Microsoft's free photo editor offers very good organization tools, but only basic image editing.
HOW TO TROUBLESHOOT WITH WINDOWS' PROBLEM STEPS RECORDER: Here's how to use the Windows 7 Problem Steps Recorder to make remote troubleshooting for your family, friends, and co-workers as painless as possible.
OBJECTDOCK: Bring something like the OS X launch dock to Windows with this handy application.
CLEAN UP WINDOWS AND YOUR HARD DRIVE: Is your PC dragging at boot time? Does it take too long to do common tasks? Put snap back into your PC's step with these free and low-cost cleanup utilities.
WINDOWS ON VERGE OF DROPPING BELOW 90% MARKET SHARE: Windows is on the verge of dropping below 90% market share, with Macs, smartphones and tablets posing an increasingly serious threat.


WHAT YOU SHOULD BACK UP AND HOW YOU SHOULD DO IT: You know you should back up your data. And many of you also know that Apple’s made it easy to do with the Time Machine technology that's built into Leopard and...
HYPERMAC ADDS EXTERNAL POWER OPTIONS FOR MACBOOKS: MacBook and MacBook Pro owners looking for extra juice on long-haul trips away from the convenience of electrical outlets have two new options from Sanho, makers...
APPLE JUICZ CHARGES YOUR MACBOOK AIR WITH SOLAR POWER: If your idea of mobile computing includes going places where there are no wall outlets, QuickerTek can keep your MacBook charged.
SCALING AND CROPPING IMAGES ON THE CHEAP: For exactly no money you could attempt to create images of the correct size when you capture them or you could later crop and/or scale your images after you've captured them.
NO GPL APPS FOR APPLE'S APP STORE: ZDNet: "Some people swore to me that just because the free-software General Public License (GPL) clashes with the Apple App Store's Terms of Service (ToS), didn't mean that Apple would actually pull down GPLed apps. Well, Apple just did."
BEST BUY RUMORED TO ADD APPLE GENIUS BARS, DISPLAY MORE MACS IN STORES: Best Buy later this year may update its Apple store-within-a-store boutiques to feature a larger display of Macs in addition to staffed Genius Bars that would mirror those found in every Apple retail store.


LEARN LINUX, 101: RUNLEVELS, SHUTDOWN, AND REBOOT: IBM Developerworks: "Learn to shut down or reboot your Linux system, warn users that the system is going down, and switch to a more or less restrictive runlevel. You can use the material in this article to study for the LPI 101 exam for Linux system administrator certification, or just to learn about shutting down, rebooting, and changing runlevels."
SKYPE CALL RECORDER: Shawn Powers shows us how to install and use Skype Call Recorder for Linux.
VBOXHEADLESS - RUNNING VIRTUAL MACHINES WITH VIRTUALBOX 4.0 ON A HEADLESS FEDORA 14 SERVER: This guide explains how you can run virtual machines with VirtualBox 4.0 on a headless Fedora 14 server. Normally you use the VirtualBox GUI to manage your virtual machines, but a server does not have a...
HOW TO INSTALL LIBREOFFICE IN UBUNTU 10.10 AND UBUNTU 10.04: Softpedia: "The following tutorial will teach every Ubuntu 10.10 and Ubuntu 10.04 LTS user how to install the new LibreOffice open source office suite and replace the old office suite from Oracle."
GET AN OLD PC WORKING AGAIN WITH PUPPY LINUX: TechWorld: "There's no doubt Canonical's popular Ubuntu Linux distribution gets the majority of attention in the Linux world these days, but there are myriad others equally worthy of consideration."
TOP 10 MYSQL BEST PRACTICES: Database Journal: "Rob Gravelle lists his top 10 MySQL best practices for database administrators, architects, developers, and security personnel."
HOW ARE LINUX DRIVES NAMED BEYOND DRIVE 26 (/DEV/SDZ, ..)?: Richard WM Jones: "It's surprisingly hard to find a definitive answer to the question of what happens with Linux block device names when you get past drive 26"
TOP 20 OPEN SOURCE APPLICATIONS TO CUT BUSINESS COSTS: In this economy, employees who can save their employers money are highly regarded and will potentially be in line for advancement. Using open source technology is one great way to help your company cut down on costs across the board.


CREDIT CARD VIDEOS: Watch this Money Talks News video to learn how to avoid the most common overdraft traps. Debit cards are perhaps the most dangerous because of NSF (non-sufficient funds) charges.


VERTICAL CLOUD COMPUTING: A vertical cloud, or vertical cloud computing, is the phrase used to describe the optimization of cloud computing and cloud services for a particular vertical (e.g., a specific industry) or specific use application. The cloud provider will offer specialized functions and options that best meet industry-use and specifications. Today, the vertical health-care cloud is one of the more well-established vertical clouds.


TWO FEATURES FOR REDUCING DATA ENTRY IN EXCEL: Reduce data entry by training users to use Excel's AutoComplete and pick list features.
MAKE THE OFFICE 2007/2010 TOOLBARS MORE FAMILIAR: Not a fan of the Ribbon? Free plug-in UBitMenu restores the "classic" Office menus, making it easier for you to transition to the new versions.


HOW BELIEFS WORK: A belief is merely a perception of reality.


THE KINGS' DESSERT: Amazing artistry with a string of honey. How strong is honey? Watch this video!


AMBER ALERTS DEBUT ON FACEBOOK TO HELP FIND MISSING KIDS: Facebook announced Wednesday that it has created 53 Amber alert pages.
FREEBIE HELP BY LEO WALKS YOU THROUGH SOFTWARE HELP: This free tech support doesn't just tell you what to do; Help By Leo shows you how to do it, too.
RECUVA UNDELETES FILES--AND OFTEN CONDUCTS SECTOR-BASED RECOVERY--AT AN UNBEATABLE PRICE: Great donationware undelete utility Recuva includes sector-based recovery that works most of the time.
CONNECT A THIRD MONITOR TO YOUR PC: What's better than running two monitors at a time? Running three, of course. It may require some extra hardware, but at least you have several easy options.
MOBILE INTERNET SURVIVAL GUIDE: 10 TIPS TO STAY CONNECTED ANYWHERE: Just because you have a smartphone and a USB 3G dongle doesn't mean you're prepared to hit the road. Here are 10 tips for weathering worst-case scenarios and getting your work done.
7 TECHNOLOGY HABITS OF SMART PEOPLE: I can't help you lose weight or stop smoking, but I can give you a few ideas to make technology work better for you.
HARDWARE Q&A: CONNECT PC TO TV, ADD A MONITOR: Answers on connecting a PC to TV and hooking up additional monitors.
HOW TO CLEAN UP YOUR ONLINE REPUTATION: Taking control of how you appear in search results and on social networking sites may seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be difficult.
LEARN SOME PHOTOGRAPHY TRICKS FOR THE NEW YEAR: Start the year off right by learning some exciting photo editing techniques.
CONNECT A SECOND MONITOR TO YOUR PC: A reader wants to know the hardware requirements for driving a second screen. They're lower than you might think.
TABLET BATTLE TO HEAT UP, PRICES TO FALL IN 2011: CES provided a much clearer picture of the likely evolution of the tablet market in 2011 and provided consumers a few tips on what to look for and when to buy.
GOOGLE ACQUIRES EBOOK TECHNOLOGIES: Google is accelerating its push in the e-book space by acquiring eBook Technologies, a company that specializes in both hardware and content distribution
MOZILLA PLOTS FEBRUARY FIREFOX 4 RELEASE: 'Tired and stressed' team prepare for lift off Firefox 4 is nearly ready for showtime, according to a recent post on Mozilla's mailing list...
PUSH A BUTTON, CHANGE YOUR EYEGLASS PRESCRIPTION: Can electronics improve eyewear? A company called PixelOptics says it has developed technology that can make better glasses for people who wear glasses.
FACEBOOK, GOOGLE, YAHOO COMMIT TO 'WORLD IPV6 DAY' TRIAL: Several of the Internet's most popular Web sites - including Facebook, Google and Yahoo - have agreed to participate in the first global-scale trial of IPv6
DECIDE IF A MOTHERBOARD IS WORTH REPLACING: Before you spend your time and money trying to resurrect an old PC, ask if it's not time to cut bait and invest in something new.

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