Saturday, January 29, 2011

Weekly News (2011-01-29)

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Conflict seems to be an ever-present part of the human experience. Whether it is in Yemen or Egypt, we continue to struggle against oppression and injustices. And technology has been helping citizens get better organized. Facebook, Twitter and instant messaging and texting have allowed for quick organization and movement of groups for protests and demonstrations. But governments have caught on to those tools and have now implemented procedures to quickly interrupt internet and cell phone services to the masses. Even the governments of countries such as the United States have implemented such methods in anticipation of a variety of scenarios ranging from cyber-terrorism to civil unrest. But, as is the case with censorship, these interruptions of communications will just delay the inevitable. A cyber-attack will happen; it is not if, but when. We have had a taste of such with the WikiLeaks retaliations. It is not far fetched to think that protesters/demonstrators will find ways around the information-sharing blockades, perhaps with help from individuals and groups outside those countries. The important thing to remember is that oppression by governments will not be tolerated for long. Even in places like China there are constant efforts to improve access to information. It may take years or decades but change will come. May it come on the wings of peace. ~Victor


HAZARDS FROM FURNACES, SPACE HEATERS AND FIREPLACES: Tips on how to prevent fires and CO poisoning from the use of these devices.


THE TAX SPAM COMETH: It is income tax season, which means a slew of malware and phishing attacks claiming to be from the tax man.
HACKERS TURN BACK THE CLOCK WITH TELNET ATTACKS: A new report from Akamai Technologies shows that hackers appear to be increasingly using the Telnet remote access protocol to attack corporate servers over …
SMART CARDS NO MATCH FOR ONLINE SPIES: The U.S. government has been stepping up its use of smart cards to help lock down its computer networks, but hackers have found ways around them.
FACEBOOK OFFERS PROTECTION AGAINST WIRELESS FIRESHEEP ATTACK: Facebook is rolling out a more secure way to connect to its website, which will protect users from a widely publicized wireless networking attack called …


BROADBAND REPORTS: This site provides information on high-speed Internet connections. Search for broadband connections in your area along with user reviews on the service. BroadbandReports also offers a wealth of FAQs to keep you up to speed on your high-speed connection.


GMAIL BACKUP: SAVE YOUR E-MAIL FOR FREE: This useful attempt at a Gmail backup program is under-supported and feature-light.


WINDOWS VULNERABLE TO ZERO-DAY XSS ATTACKS: What you should know about the MHTML flaw affecting Windows, and how to protect against potential XSS attacks exploiting it.
SWITCHING TO DESKTOP LINUX? 6 WAYS TO EASE THE MIGRATION: Moving a business from Windows to desktop Linux can be scary for some users. Here are some tricks for smoothing the transition.
PATCH SOFTWARE TO KEEP IT SECURE WITH FREE SECUNIA PSI: Free, handy security utility Secunia PSI helps you make sure all of your software is up-to-date and securely patched.


MICROSOFT CONSIDERS EMBRACING MAC APP STORE: With the launch of the Mac App Store, Microsoft is exploring the possibility of delivering Microsoft Office 2011 through the app environment.
MAC IT GUY: ACCESS EXCHANGE FROM HOME: I use at home for both my home and work e-mail (Mobile Me and Microsoft Exchange 2003 respectively). For a while, it worked great. Then all of a sudden …
FILL OUT RETURNS ON YOUR IPAD WITH TAXSOFTWARE.COM APP: If it's spring, it's tax season--and iPad owners have a growing list of apps that can save them a trip to the accountant's office.
MACBOOK PRO SUPPLIES TIGHTENING AHEAD OF POTENTIAL REFRESH: MacRumors has heard from several sources that supplies of Apple's existing MacBook Pro models, particularly the 15" and 17" sizes, are beginning to run low in Apple stores and at third-party retailers, …


LINUX VENDORS TEAMING UP FOR AN APP STORE: Unified application installer will give Linux users a consistently easier way to find and install apps, regardless of the distribution they use.
SWITCHING TO DESKTOP LINUX? 6 WAYS TO EASE THE MIGRATION: Moving a business from Windows to desktop Linux can be scary for some users. Here are some tricks for smoothing the transition.
WEEKEND PROJECT: TACKLE COLOR MANAGEMENT ON LINUX: "Do you see what I see? Maybe, if you have taken the time to tackle color management on your machine. The major desktop environments for Linux give 90 percent of users all the tools they need to see all of their images in device-independent accuracy."
8 OF THE BEST FREE LINUX E-LEARNING TOOLS: LinuxLinks: "To provide an insight into the software that is available, we have compiled a list of 8 of our favorite e-Learning tools. Hopefully, there will be something of interest here for anyone who wants to embrace electronically supported learning and teaching. We give our strongest recommendation to Moodle."


AVOID MINDLESS EATING: Though there are many tricks and tips for losing weight, packing on the pounds comes down to simple math: Consume more than you burn off, and you’ll gain weight. Sadly, increasing your exercise workload isn’t an effective way to cancel out chronic binging, during the holidays or any time of the year.


CLOUD: (1) Also referred to as a network cloud. In telecommunications, a cloud refers to a public or semi-public space on transmission lines (such as T1 or T3) that exists between the end points of a transmission. Data that is transmitted across a WAN enters the network from one end point using a standard protocol suite such as Frame Relay and then enters the network cloud where it shares space with other data transmissions. The data emerges from the cloud -- where it may be encapsulated, translated and transported in myriad ways -- in the same format as when it entered the cloud. A network cloud exists because when data is transmitted across a packet-switched network in a packet, no two packets will necessarily follow the same physical path. The unpredictable area that the data enters before it is received is the cloud.


6 ADVANCED OPENOFFICE.ORG EXTENSIONS: "The open source OpenOffice productivity suite is a cross-platform powerhouse, and you can add additional functionality by installing extensions. Eric Geier offers six OpenOffice extensions for analyzing readability, special text effects, advanced math functions, and more."


HOLOGRAPHIC CREATION WORKS OUTSIDE OF TIME AND SPACE: You have a part of you that exists outside of time and space. Some of you call it your Inner Being or your Higher Self. I've also heard the term Super-Conscious.


MY BLACKBERRY IS NOT WORKING: You just have to love the wit!


NEW SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH LOOKS AT WHY HUMANS FORGET STUFF: Scientists have discovered new information on brain processes, including how we forget things.
BUSYDOCS TAKES GOOGLE DOCS OFFLINE: Google is rumored to be introducing offline storage for Google Docs, but until that happens, the new Busydocs application bridges the gap.
40 SEARCH WARRANTS EXECUTED AS FBI GOES AFTER 'ANONYMOUS': Police agencies worldwide are turning up the heat on a loosely organized group of WikiLeaks activists. On Thursday U.K. police arrested five people, and U.S …
INTERNET PROVIDERS ARE THE NEW SECRET POLICE, SAYS REPORT: A new report released Wednesday says that more and more European Union member states are delegating online policing to Internet service providers.
DO YOU KNOW WHO'S TRACKING YOU ON THE WEB?: Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla say they want to clear the fog around targeted advertising, but it may be too little, too late
FIVE WAYS TO SPEED UP YOUR HOME NETWORK: Maybe you're tired of paying the cable company and want to get your movies and other entertainment from the Web. Naturally you'll want to watch those shows on …
ARE ENTERPRISE APP STORES A GOOD IDEA?: In theory, an enterprise app store would allow employees to easily download the software they need, but the idea faces many hurdles.
GET INTERNET ACCESS WHEN YOUR GOVERNMENT SHUTS IT DOWN: These days, no popular movement goes without an Internet presence of some kind, whether it's organizing on Facebook or spreading the word through Twitter. And as we've seen in Egypt, that means that your Internet connection can be the first to go. Whether you're trying to check in with your family, contact your friends, or simply spread the word, here are a few ways to build some basic network connectivity when you can't rely on your cellular or landline Internet connections.
ADD MORE USB PORTS TO YOUR PC: An inexpensive USB hub can add lots of extra ports--but is there such a thing as too many? Here's what you need to know.
SEND AND RECEIVE INSTANT MESSAGES RIGHT IN YOUR BROWSER: Free service Meebo offers cross-platform instant messaging, with no resource-hogging software to install on your PC. It's arguably the best Web service you're not using.
GMAIL TIPS: 5 GREAT E-MAIL TIMESAVERS: If you're one of Gmail's 193 million users worldwide, you probably rely on the service--and its add-ons--every day. Here are more ways to get more out of Gmail.
HOW TO WATCH VIDEOS IN DIFFERENT FORMATS: Do you have a video file that plays normally on one computer but not another? Here are some tips on making it run everywhere.

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