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Weekly News (2011-01-08)

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It is that time of the year -- time for New Year resolutions and goals. Here is one you can add to your list: I will avoid idling my vehicle! Check out this article about the disadvantages of idling. Most modern cars no longer need to be warmed up before they are driven. So … save some money and save the environment! ~Victor


INSPECT AND SECURE TVS, FURNITURE, AND APPLIANCES: On average, one child dies every two weeks due to tip-overs.


TEXT MESSAGE OF 'DEATH' THREATENS PHONE SECURITY: Security researchers have shown that many popular phones can be knocked offline by carefully crafted text messages, which could lead to a new type of denial of service attack.


INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE: We know—just punching into your browser can send chills down your spine. But the site really is useful, with FAQs, articles, and tax forms for both individuals and businesses.


GENEALOGY PROGRAM: GRAMPS: "Research, organize and share your family tree with Gramps."
GNUCASH 2.4.0 RELEASED: The Gnucash 2.4.0 release is out at last. The biggest change in this release is the ability to store its data in an SQL database; SQLite, MySQL, and PostgreSQL are supported. LWN looked at Gnucash 2.4 last May.


MICROSOFT WARNS OF NEW WINDOWS VULNERABILITY: A flaw in the graphics rendering engine could allow many versions of Windows to be exploited and compromised.
JANUARY PATCH TUESDAY: Two patches affecting Windows will be released next Tuesday.
ERROR ACCESSING AND DISPLAYING CHM FILES: REASONS AND SOLUTIONS: So, you've got in trouble. Some or even all of your CHM files seem to have gotten corrupted. They show a "The page cannot be displayed" error in the left-hand pane of the CHM viewer. There are several possible reasons why your CHM e-books and documentation files are unreadable. Editor's Note: You may also want to look at this page for more.
SECURITY RESEARCHERS VERIFY IE BUG: An Internet Explorer bug that allows remote takeover of a system, first reported by a Google engineer, is confirmed by other researchers.
RUN OS X, LINUX OR WINDOWS ON CHROME NOTEBOOK: Tom's Hardware: "If you do have one of the Cr-48 notebooks and are desperate to run a more full-featured OS, then you'll be pleased to know that not only is it possible, but you have a choice of Linux, OS X, or Windows 7."


APPLE UPDATES REMOTE DESKTOP, ADDS WIDGET: It was easy to overlook amid the Mac App Store launch and the Mac OS X 10.6.6 update that accompanied the store, but Apple also posted updates for its remote...
MAC APP STORE DOWNLOADS TOP ONE MILLION IN FIRST DAY: Apple announced today that over one million apps have been downloaded from the Mac App Store in the first day. "We’re amazed at the incredible response the Mac App Store is getting," said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. "Developers have done a great job bringing apps to the store and users are loving how easy and fun the Mac App Store is."
DJAY FOR IPAD: Djay for iPad is one of the best iPad apps around. It allows you to use your iTunes music library to create amazingly professional-sounding audio...
MAC APP STORE PIRATE RAID RAISES SECURITY CONCERNS: Easy hack means some apps could be infected with malware, security firm warns.
GET A FREE BOOK OF WINDOWS 7 SHORTCUTS: Ready to turn your keyboard into a power tool? This e-book offers a whopping 200 shortcuts for operating every aspect of Windows 7.
MAC IT GUY: PRINTER PROBLEMS AND DFS: Two more questions this week: one about finding missing printer drivers, the other about accessing Microsoft DFS shares from a Mac.
RUN OS X, LINUX OR WINDOWS ON CHROME NOTEBOOK: Tom's Hardware: "If you do have one of the Cr-48 notebooks and are desperate to run a more full-featured OS, then you'll be pleased to know that not only is it possible, but you have a choice of Linux, OS X, or Windows 7."


VORTEX1.7 IS RELEASED! TURNS YOUR UNUSED COMPUTER INTO A MUSIC SERVER/JUKEBOX: Unixmen: "The big new feature for the latest release is the possibility of ripping DVDs along with audio CDs for streaming."
NOOK COLOR GETS HACKED AGAIN, NOW RUNS UBUNTU: Nook Color hacks steer away from Android and focus on Linux.
BROADCOM JOINS THE LINUX FOUNDATION: Just on the heels of its wireless driver being released in the staging tree of the 2.6.37 kernel, Broadcom has joined the Linux Foundation. "In September, Broadcom® announced it had open sourced its drivers for selected Wi-Fi chipsets, a pivotal move that garnered applause throughout the Linux community. Since then,...
INTRODUCTION TO RAID: Linux Magazine: "In this article I want to review the seven most common standard RAID configurations. But I will also very briefly touch on some of the hybrid RAID configurations."
A LINUX DISTRIBUTION ESPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR KIDS: DoudouLinux provides tens of applications that suit children as soon as 2 years old and tries to give them an environment as easy to use as a gaming console. Kids can then learn and have fun but... without Dad and Mum watching!
LINUX ADDS DRIVER SUPPORT FOR RAFT OF DEVICES: In addition to improved hardware support, Linux version 2.6.37 sheds Big Kernel Lock, boosts performance, and tightens security.
PARTED MAGIC 5.8 CAN BOOT AND FULLY OPERATE FROM RAM: Based on the 2.6.36 Linux kernel, the latest release of Parted Magic features the addition of the SciTE SCIntilla-based text editor and can be booted completely from RAM...
SYSTEMRESCUECD 2.0.0: Fran├žois Dupoux has released version 2.0.0 of SystemRescueCd, a Gentoo-based live CD designed for data rescue and disk management tasks. What's new? "Standard kernels based on the long-term supported 2.6.35 kernel (; alternative kernels based on the more recent 2.6.36 kernel (; the Squashfs file system is now....
7 CLASSIC GAME ON LINUX: Linuxaria: "What do I mean as classic game ? Games released prior to 2000 on Amiga or perhaps on other operating systems and now ported to Linux."
PREY - AN AWESOME APPLICATION TO TRACK YOUR STOLEN LAPTOP AND ANDROID PHONE: Unixmen: "Prey is a lightweight application that will help you track and find your laptop and android phone if it ever gets stolen."
5 OF THE BEST FREE LINUX SYSTEM CLEANING TOOLS: LinuxLinks: "If a Linux machine is to remain in pristine condition, there is a genuine need for users to run software that vacuums up the detritus, wiping clean applications, deleting cookies, shredding temporary files, removing logs, and other types of system maintenance."
COMPRESSION PROGRAMS ON LINUX: Linuxaria: " Today I will introduce the main methods to compress the file and I'll do some tests to see how they behave. I will consider zip, gzip, bzip2 and xv."
RUN OS X, LINUX OR WINDOWS ON CHROME NOTEBOOK: Tom's Hardware: "If you do have one of the Cr-48 notebooks and are desperate to run a more full-featured OS, then you'll be pleased to know that not only is it possible, but you have a choice of Linux, OS X, or Windows 7."


STUDENT-MADE DEVICE COULD BRING CLEAN WATER TO THE WORLD: A device built by University of Washington students could help provide clean drinking water to some of the poorest countries in the world for less than $4 each.


PRIVATE CLOUD: The phrase used to describe a cloud computing platform that is implemented within the corporate firewall, under the control of the IT department. A private cloud is designed to offer the same features and benefits of cloud systems, but removes a number of objections to the cloud computing model including control over enterprise and customer data, worries about security, and issues connected to regulatory compliance.


USE WORD'S AUTOSUM TO PERFORM SIMPLE CALCULATIONS: You don't need Excel to calculate values in Word. Just drop your values into a table, insert the right formulas, and you're done!
EDIT GOOGLE DOCS IN OUTLOOK WITH FREE HARMON.IE FOR GOOGLE DOCS: Work with Google Docs from inside Microsoft Outlook.


HOW DO AFFIRMATIONS PROMOTE VIBRANT HEALTH AND WELL BEING: Whenever someone speaks of healing through affirmations, many people dismiss it as esoteric - or even nonsense - and they tend to not take it seriously. However, there exist volumes of scientific evidence that affirmations are an effective approach to healing and the achievement of vibrant health. They have even been shown to promote regeneration and rejuvenation of the body.


INTENSE 4 EXERCISES CIRCUIT TRAINING: Excellent set of exercises to work out. Enjoy!


5 MYTHS ABOUT LOSING WEIGHT: Each year, hoards of people jump on the weight-loss bandwagon, but many of them enlist in fad diets that are based on nutrition myths. How can some of these misguided tips do more harm than good?
SCOTTISH RESEARCHERS CLAIM 1000-CORE PROCESSOR: Researchers at the University of Glasgow say they've created a 1000-core chip.
HOWTO: MAKE YOUR NEW YEAR'S CELL PHONE PICTURES LOOK LIKE THEY WERE TAKEN WITH A GOOD CAMERA: If you missed our tips on taking top-notch photos New Year's Eve, you may want to tune in for Lifehacker's tutorial on making your smartphone pictures look like they were taken with a quality camera..
10 GREEN NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS: As you make your list of New Year's resolutions, consider what aspects of your lifestyle must change to be more in balance with your health and the environment. Get ideas for green New Year's resolutions for a sustainable future.
CES GETS SERIOUS WITH TABLETS, 4G, NAS, AND POCKET PROJECTORS: Road warriors are about to get a powerful tech makeover as CES 2011 brings mobility advances on every front.
"SMART TVS" ADD THE BEST OF THE INTERNET TO YOUR TV: TV manufacturers are betting big on Internet TV features in 2011. Check out the cutting-edge Internet options for this year in HDTVs.
ULTRAVIOLET COULD MEAN YOU'LL REALLY 'OWN' THAT MOVIE: A group of Hollywood studios and technology companies has come up with a system for buying digital movies and TV shows that's supposed to do away with limits on viewing options.
PANASONIC VIERA CONNECT: GAMING AND EXERCISE: Panasonic's new Viera Connect features let you play games without a dedicated game console, and hook up a treadmill to go on a virtual jog throughout anywhere in the world.
CONNECT A PC TO YOUR TV: It's possible, and easy if you have the right ports on both, but there are better ways to ferry video from the Internet and your PC to your TV.
HOW TO CREATE AND SETUP A VIRTUAL MACHINE USING VIRTUALBOX 4: "Unless you've been on Moon for the last decade, you must have heard of virtualization technologies. In a nutshell, virtualization allows you to run an Operating System inside another, say Windows 7 inside Ubuntu."
SPEEDY USB 3.0 SPEC QUICKLY BECOMES A CONSUMER REALITY: Expect parity in pricing with USB 2.0 and for USB 3.0 everywhere in 2011.
4 OPEN SOURCE APPLICATIONS FOR THE VISUALLY IMPAIRED: OSTATIC: "If you or someone you know needs assistive computer software, here are four open source applications you'll want to check out."
DOWNLOADS TO RECOVER YOUR FILES AND SAVE YOUR BACON: Looking to retrieve lost or damaged data? One of these handy data recovery utilities may be able to get it back for you.
THREE APPS TO HELP MANAGE YOUR PHOTOS: The service, which allows users to compare reading lists with friends, share passages and send notes, has some support from Motorola, Samsung and Microsoft.
SELF-ENCRYPTED DRIVES SET TO BECOME STANDARD FARE: As secure data storage becomes more crucial, more companies are moving to on-board data encryption.
FINALLYFAST.COM MAKER TO REFUND THOUSANDS IN SPYWARE CASE: The company whose late-night commercials promised to "make your computer run fast the way it's supposed to," will pay tens of thousands of dollars in fines and...
OVERSUPPLY SENDS DRAM PRICES TO ONE-YEAR LOW: DRAM chip prices reached a one-year low on Tuesday and approached their cheapest ever due to a post-holiday oversupply. The cheap memory chips are pushing PC...
ULTIMATE GUITAR TABS AND TABTOOLKIT: I've been playing the guitar since a very young age. Although I can read music, I prefer to use tablature to help myself work out songs that I can't figure out...

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