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Weekly News (2011-01-22)

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A friend of mine was lamenting about their money problems. Almost in the same breath she commented about their upcoming travel plans and plans for summer vacations. I was dumbfounded at the realization that what she perceived as money problems was very different to what I perceived as such. And then I realized that my money problems are nothing compared to what others are facing. It is all relative, isn't it?
Another friend and I were talking about politics in our different countries. She pointed out that most people are content as long as the latest gadgets are available in stores and they can charge for them on one of their many credit cards. They seem to still be in the "have more" state. I agreed with her and hoped that more of us will move away from "have more" or "do more" states into the "be more" state. ~Victor


EXTENSION CORDS, POWER STRIPS AND SURGE PROTECTORS: U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission provides safety tips for the proper use of these common electrical devices.


FACEBOOK GIVES YOUR HOME ADDRESS TO DEVELOPERS: Your home address and phone number are now part of the information dump third-party developers can obtain through Facebook-powered Website logins and applications.
BEWARE GOO.GL FAKE ANTIVIRUS WORM ON TWITTER: A worm is spreading on Twitter using shortened URLs to direct users to a malicious fake antivirus site.
ZEUS TROJAN TARGETS ONLINE MONEY SERVICES: After a hit-and-run campaign against consumer online bank accounts in 2010, the Zeus Trojan now appears to be aggressively targeting a clutch of second-tier money exchange and payment services
NAKED ON FACEBOOK? BEWARE THE ANGRY DWEEB: Analysis: The latest Facebook scam reminds us that it's often too easy to hack passwords, so be diligent or be exposed.
MCDONALD'S PHISHING SCAM: I'M NOT LOVIN' IT: A phishing scam is circulating under the guise of a McDonald's survey with a $250 award for participating.
TWITTER TARGETED WITH FAKE ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE SCAM: Twitter has been resetting passwords for accounts that started distributing links promoting fake antivirus software in an attack that used Google's Web address...
FACEBOOK PHOTOS: OPT-OUT OR TAG YOU'RE IT: 100 million people tag photos each day on Facebook. One month after Facebook launched its facial recognition feature, non-users may still not be aware that Facebook's photo tagging could be broadcasting their faces.
CAN FACEBOOK LEARN FROM APPLE?: A security firm says Facebook should overhaul its third-party developer program and require that every app go through an approval process.
FACEBOOK HALTS CONTROVERSIAL SHARING FEATURE -- FOR NOW: Facebook said Monday it will temporarily disable a controversial feature that allows application developers and third-party web sites to access users' phone numbers and addresses


RUBISTAR: FREE RUBRICS FOR TEACHERS: Rubistar is a free, online, rubric-creating tool designed to help educators who want to use rubrics in the classroom but don't have the time to develop them from scratch. The site doesn't look like much, but it is actually quite helpful.


SUPERCHARGE EXCEL WITH ASAP UTILITIES: ASAP Utilities puts all sorts of tools you've wanted or never imagined onto one Excel ribbon.


BALLMER TO CHINESE PRESIDENT: 90% OF MICROSOFT CUSTOMERS IN CHINA USING PIRATED SOFTWARE: While Chinese President Hu Jintao knew he'd face some tough questions when he came to the United States this week, he probably didn't figure most of them would come Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.
MICROSOFT TECHNET FOR THE REST OF US: Microsoft's TechNet site, dubbed "Resources for IT Professionals," is a rich repository of high-level geek talk plus tips for enterprise-class IT personnel. But don't let that reputation put you off — TechNet is also a gold mine of excellent tips and tricks for individual Windows users as well.


IPAD 2 FEATURES DUAL-CORE GRAPHICS FOR RETINA DISPLAY, REPORT SAYS: The latest hot expectation: iPad 2 can play 1080p HD video.
IPAD 2 WON'T HAVE 2048 BY 1536 RESOLUTION--BUT IPAD 3 MIGHT: IDC says the 2048 by 1536 resolution predictions are "premature."
MACWORLD 2011 PREVIEW: Next week offers a big event dear to the hearts of Apple enthusiasts--Macworld 2011 (formerly known as Macworld Expo). The man who runs the show--Paul...
APPLE RELEASES MACBOOK AIR, IDVD UPDATES: Apple sure has a funny way of celebrating record-setting holiday quarters. Before the company ended its 2011 kick-off earnings call on Monday, Apple released a...
MAC BASICS: HOW TO ADD/REMOVE DOCK ICONS: Mac Basics: How to add/remove Dock icons Apple’s Mac App Store makes it very easy to buy new software. It’s so easy that you might become a frequent Mac App Store shopper, which means the Dock will become very crowded, if it isn’t already. Here’s how to remove and add icons to your Dock.


IPAD LOOKALIKE DUAL-BOOTS UBUNTU AND WINDOWS: Hard on the heels of the news earlier this month that Taiwanese firm Tenq has an Ubuntu-powered tablet on the way comes word of yet another iPad challenger running Canonical's popular Linux distribution.
VIRTUALBOX 4.0: December saw the release of the latest major update to VirtualBox, Oracle's desktop virtualization tool. In its previous incarnation, it was voted as our readers' favorite virtualizer, so let's look at what 4.0 has to offer.
MAKING MUSIC IN LINUX AND BEYOND: You can do a lot with free open-source software, also known as FOSS. Musicians with a yen for Linux are in luck; the array of choices for creating, editing, producing, and publishing music using nothing but FOSS software is staggering.
SPLIT AND MERGE PDF FILES WITH PDF-SHUFFLER: "If you have two or more Words documents, you can easily open them in any Office suite and cut/paste the content to split or merge them. What about PDF files?"
EXPECT SCRIPT TUTORIAL: EXPRESSIONS, IF CONDITIONS, FOR LOOP, AND WHILE LOOP EXAMPLES: "Expect scripting language is easy to learn. It expects specific string, and sends (or responds) strings accordingly. If you are new to expect, read our 6 expect script examples (including hello world example) to get a jump start."
7 OF THE BEST FREE LINUX PASSWORD MANAGERS: "To provide an insight into the quality of software available for Linux, we have compiled a list of 7 of the best free password managers."
YET ANOTHER 5 UBUNTU ADDICTIVE GAMES: "My last post about Ubuntu gaming generated a lot of interest, and I was kindly asked to write about more cool Ubuntu games. So, here you go, another five Ubuntu games for your pleasure"
HOW UNEMPLOYED DEVELOPERS USE OPEN SOURCE TO GET HIRED: "It's a tough economy out there. It doesn't matter which industry you happen to be experienced in, people need to be focused on keeping themselves as competitive as possible."


BEST SORE FEET SOOTHERS: It's time to treat your poor tired feet! The editors at our partner site Daily Glow tried the newest foot creams, sprays, and soaks to find solutions for your worst foot problems.


DATA VIRTUALIZATION: Data virtualization is a methodology that takes a layered approach to dealing with huge volumes of data from disparate sources. The phrase virtualization is used because data virtualization is the aggregation of the data from disparate sources, including databases, systems and storage, to create a single virtual view from within a front-end systems; such as applications or dashboards. Data virtualization is commonly associated with business or enterprise applications including sales force automation (SFA), customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and business intelligence (BI).


A FIND AND REPLACE TRICK FOR INSERTING NEW TEXT: Want to insert new text? Use Find and Replace.
WORKING IN GOOGLE DOCS KEEPS GETTING BETTER: The last few months have seen a raft of new features added to Google Docs. Here's a look at some of the most useful improvements to the free, online productivity software.
OPENOFFICE.ORG AND LIBREOFFICE RELEASE CANDIDATES DUKE IT OUT: Oracle-owned and independent LibreOffice are both nearing their freely available 3.3.0 versions and show their wares with recent release candidates.


HOW TO IMPRINT YOUR GOALS: Deciding to change a habit, attitude or personal situation does not automatically bring about the change desired. The decision to make the change is only the first step. Further action is required in order to effect a change in your subconscious self-image. You have learned that your goal is the mental picture of what you want. When you write down the goal, it becomes an affirmation.


WISH YOU WERE HERE: This video is an example of how powerful it can be to simply slow down and feel the moment. After watching, it'll be hard not to see that beauty that surrounds us, and the realization that we can find calm in many different places.


THE FACEBOOK OBSESSION: 48% of FB users check FB right when they wake up...
HP LASERJET PRO CP1025NW: The HP LaserJet Pro CP1025nw Color Printer is best understood as a personal color laser that connects to a network.
DNA MOLECULES CAN 'TELEPORT,' NOBEL WINNER SAYS: In an experiment, a fragment of DNA appeared to imprint itself between test tubes.
HACKS TO SPEED UP FIREFOX: Here's a handful of tips, add-ons and exercises to get Mozilla's browser into top form.
FREE/LOW-COST TECH CLASSES: Did you resolve to learn a new skill in 2011? Here are a few options if you can't commit to attending an in-person class.
VIEWSONIC VIEWPAD 7: On paper, Viewsonic Viewpad 7 has a long and impressive feature list, but its flaws far outnumber its features.
WESTERN DIGITAL 3TB CAVIAR GREEN HD: The big buzz in hard drives right now is Western Digital's 3TB WD Caviar Green internal drive. Along with its cavernous capacity, the drive boasts a 64MB cache and is SATA 3Gbit/sec.-compatible.
GEEK 101: WHY YOUR IP ADDRESS MAY SOON BE AN ANTIQUE: The IPv4 address space is set to fill up within days. Here's a quick primer on what IPv4 is, and how the Internet is handling this problem.
UPDATE A CAMERA'S FIRMWARE: Much of your digital camera, including its sensor, LCD screen, lens, buffer, and auto-focus, is controlled by microprocessors running firmware. Firmware is...
YAHOO: USERS CAN LOGIN WITH FACEBOOK OR GOOGLE CREDENTIALS: Yahoo is allowing web users to sign in to its web services using Google and Facebook logins.
STARBUCKS EXPANDS MOBILE PAYMENT SYSTEM TO ALL STORES: Coffee drinkers with iPhones, iPod Touches or certain BlackBerry devices can pay for their cup of joe with a smartphone app.
SLIDESHOW: A BRIEF VISUAL HISTORY OF COMPUTERS: Slideshow: A brief visual history of computers The Computer History Museum's new 25,000 square-foot exhibit entitled "Computer History: The First 2,000 Years" opened this week and includes media and artifact-rich galleries with an in-depth focus on more than 20 major areas of computer history. Here are some highlights.

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