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Weekly News (2011-03-05)

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For some of us, celebrating certain dates is very important, and for some of us it is not. Today was my wife's birthday. She would have liked a nice celebration for her birthday; she enjoyed celebrating everyone's birthday. Birthdays are not a high priority for me, but they were to her. And so our family usually celebrates people's birth dates as much as possible. Perhaps Tracey had a point. We should celebrate the day important people in our life were born. What would our lives be without them in it? ~Victor


FACT OR FICTION: BURNS: Most of us have suffered a burn at some point or another -- and chances are, it was minor and healed relatively quickly. But do you know if you should run cold water over minor burns? What happens when you have hot tar stuck to your skin? And can you have a burn that's not visible on your skin? See how well you respond to these most burning questions.


CAN DATA STORED ON AN SSD BE SECURED?: Following a recent report that data on most SSDs is very difficult to completely erase, researchers and analysts say there are really only two methods to...
MOZILLA FOLLOWS GOOGLE, PATCHES FIREFOX AS PREP FOR PWN2OWN: Nine of the 11 flaws were rated 'critical,' a threat rating that implies hackers could use the vulnerabilities to compromise a computer or infect it with malware.
GOOGLE PATCHES 19 CHROME BUGS BEFORE HACKING CONTEST BEGINS: Google has a special stake in the Pwn2Own contest: it put up a $20,000 prize for hacking Chrome on the first of the contest's three days.
SECURITY MANAGER: MALWARE HAS 'EXPLODED': A report released earlier this year by Panda Security reveals just how sophisticated the business of cyber crime has become. Among its findings: botnets are now available as a service for criminals to rent and launch spam attacks --- with prices that start as low as $15 for the rental of a SMTP server.
HOW TO BROWSE PRIVATELY ON PUBLIC WI-FI FOR FREE: With a handful of free software tools, you can fight off snoopers when using public Wi-Fi. Here's how, step by step.

WORTHY WEBSITE As James Earl Jones so eloquently puts it, CNN is "still the most trusted name in news." The site is a go-to for national and international news on a wide range of topics with videos, photos, and a list of the most popular stories of the day.


SOLUTO: Frustrated by your sluggish and unresponsive PC? Soluto is bringing an end to PC user frustration with transparency, killer technology, and your help.


NEW MICROSOFT PROTOTYPE INTERFACE IS INTELLIGENT: A new user interface technology from Microsoft can analyze what you're doing and make suggestions for you.
HOW TO PREVENT WINDOWS FROM REBOOTING WITHOUT PERMISSION: Tired of losing your work when Windows restarts while you're away? Here's how to solve the problem.
THREE PATCHES COMING ON TUESDAY: Microsoft will release three patches next Tuesday. Two will address security concerns with Windows and one with Office.
MICROSOFT LAUNCHES IE6 DEATHWATCH: Microsoft today launched a deathwatch for its 10-year-old Internet Explorer 6 browser, saying it wanted to "see IE6 gone for good."
MICROSOFT PUSHES ANTI-AUTORUN UPDATE AT XP, VISTA USERS: Microsoft has changed how it delivers an update that disables AutoRun, a Windows feature that big name worms, including Conficker and Stuxnet, have used. If AutoRun is disabled, USB flash drives don't automatically launch.


APPLE MACBOOK PRO 15-INCH (THUNDERBOLT): The Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch (Thunderbolt) is at the peak of technology's Mount Olympus, thanks to new Intel architecture, a renewed romance with AMD graphics chips, and a connection technology called Thunderbolt.
CITRIX GOTOMYPC (FOR IPAD): GoToMyPC for iPad makes it simple to control your computer while away from your work area, but latency issues may spoil the experience.
WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE IPAD 2: As with any new Apple product, questions abound over the details of the new iPad 2. Sure, we know it's thinner, faster, and lighter, but what else?
APPLE IPAD CLEARANCE SALE: ORIGINAL 16GB MODEL DROPS TO $399: If you're not too wooed by the iPad 2, the iPad 1 just went on sale.
USE YOUR MAC WITHOUT A MOUSE: Power users work their Macs faster than regular folk do for a variety of reasons. More important than a speedier processor is a speedier computist. Since your...
IPAD 2 FANS: BEWARE THE SECURITY RISKS: Losing a mobile device means more than losing the platform; it's a wake-up call to back up data.
CREATE CUSTOM ALERT SOUNDS FOR YOUR MAC: After awhile, Mac OS X's alert sounds can be downright grating, as can many of the sounds you hear in Mail, iCal, and iChat. Happily, creating a custom alert...


A 13 LINE PATCH THAT BOOSTS INTEL SANDY BRIDGE PERFORMANCE: "After some initial Linux troubles, last month we finally got Intel Sandy Bridge graphics working under Linux. The latest Intel CPUs (such as the Core i5 2500K) with integrated graphics are blazingly fast, and the classic Intel Mesa driver was fast compared to other open-source Mesa / Gallium3D drivers"
BATCH PROCESS PHOTOS IN DIGIKAM: "When you need to apply the same action to multiple photos, digiKam's batch processing capabilities can come in rather handy. And the photo management application provides different ways to apply actions to a photo batch in one fell swoop."
7 OF THE BEST FREE LINUX COMPRESSION TOOLS: "To provide an insight into the quality of software available for Linux, we have compiled a list of 7 of the best free compression tools. Hopefully, there will be something of interest here for anyone who wishes to maximize their computer and network resources. We give our highest recommendation to Lrzip."
PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY IN LINUX - AN EXTENSIVE GUIDE: "Right now Windows and Mac dominate the professional photography world. That does not mean though that Linux does not have the tools available for professional photography."


10 REASONS TO TELECOMMUTE: As the way people work continues to evolve, telecommuting is becoming a more common option. How can working remotely benefit you and your employer?


TECH TALK: COMPUTER MEMORY QUIZ: Without memory, computers wouldn't have any way to store data. How much do you know about computer memory?


ADD A QUICK COMPARISON CHART TO A WORKSHEET: With just one function, you can create a quick chart that lets you compare information, visually.


IDENTIFYING LIMITING BELIEFS: Beliefs drive attitude and behaviour. Self limiting beliefs result in self sabotaging attitudes and behaviours that prevent us from getting what we want in life.


CHILDREN OF THE SAND: Excellent video and music.


ASUS BRINGS KINECT-LIKE GAMING TO PCS: Hoping to do for personal computers what Microsoft has done for gaming, Asus will soon put on sale a motion-sensing device that looks and works like the Xbox Kinect.
GOOGLE GMAIL OUTAGE LEAVES 150,000 USERS WITHOUT E-MAIL: About 150,000 of Google's Gmail users woke up Sunday morning to missing e-mails, contacts and chat histories.
NATIONAL DAY OF UNPLUGGING IS HERE: WILL YOU PULL THE PLUG?: This weekend people will unplug their smartphones, laptops, and other tech in an effort to connect with family and friends...without the aid of technology or social networking.
10 AWESOME GOOGLE TRICKS YOU MISSED: Think you’re a Google master? Think again, and check out these 10 tricks and innovations that make working with Google’s services even better.
DIGITIZE YOUR DOCUMENTS: Scan your documents into your hard drive. We have tips on scanners, OCR software, Web OCR, and converting your books to e-books.
SOFTWARE SPEED BOOSTS FOR YOUR PC: Here are 14 software tips and tweaks for turbo-charging your computer from startup to shutdown.
TOM'S DEFINITIVE LINUX SOFTWARE ROUNDUP: AUDIO PRODUCTION: Tom's Hardware: "Welcome to Tom's Definitive Linux Software Roundup: Audio Production. In this article, we're looking at Linux applications for audio content creation. Our previous segment covered general end-user audio consumption apps like media managers, audio players, and CD rippers. This segment is for the audio professional, hobbyist, and musician."

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